As every year WINFOCUS, the World leader PoCUS teaching scientific society, will celebrate its World Congress, and it’s my honour and pleasure to announce that Madrid is the chosen venue for 2018. After organizing last celebration 5 years ago, we’re back in Madrid, the capital city of Spain, a current a melting pot of gastronomy, architecture and entertainment. It’s privileged position in the globe allows people all over the world can come easily and rapidly to enjoy the stunning spring season.

Under PoCUS users’ point of view, celebration is more than an accurate term, since we offer the opportunity to take advantage of the most important ultrasound world-leaders conjunction of each year. WINFOCUS unfolds everything at its disposal to ensure a top quality for precongress courses, workshops and plenary lectures during the Congress. This is one WINFOCUS’ essences, the ability to gather people speaking an universal language which has the power to inspire both to the new generation of users and those who are even masters. This language, over the auditive threshold, is currently extending rapidly. We did witnessed and experienced that PoCUS is an enormous game changer. The way we practice Medicine nowadays in a critical environment is totally different than the way we practiced 15 years ago and PoCUS is one of this change main contributors. But we need to work in this evolution to make PoCUS even more useful in many senses as possible: scientifically, geographically, economically… We cannot forget the inequality of current healthcare all over the globe, so PoCUS is not only an option for improving healthcare in industrialized countries but in developing ones as well. I’m privileged to work with a list of such a brilliant and important members both of Scientific and Organizing committees, to create state-of-the art contents for the plenary sessions that will for sure satisfy most of PoCUS potential topics, above mentioned. Now it’s the time to communicate effectively new generations PoCUS current and future importance.

Now it’s time to increase its available evidence. Now it’s the time to change how we teach and learn Medicine. Now it’s the time to empower the worldwide healthcare (at the speed of sound). Now it’s the time for #WINFOCUS2018.

Welcome to Madrid!

Tomas Villen, MD
WINFOCUS 2018 World Congress President

Abstract submission deadline: EXTENDED TO MARCH 7th

Early registration deadline: 10th March 2018

Late registration deadline: 4th April 2018

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